An Effort to be Seen

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Various Examples of

Logo Design

My logo design process is to create a unique logo for every client. Rather than work with a regular formula, I start by working with the client to understand the particular tone of the company. I also ask for examples of logos that appeal to them, but ensure that every element is individual.

Next, I provide three options with very different styles. If nothing takes, I begin the process again, but usually the client is happy to pursue one of the provided options, and we make tweaks to the design until we have an outcome that both parties are excited about.

I believe that a great logo is the starting point of every CI I create. It should speak to the ethos of the company and always represent the first impression for customers.

Short Corporate Identity Development


Activator was an early CI that I developed for an IT start-up. Their goal was to indicate innovation and power, while still holding onto gravitas and professionalism.

The logo developed from early ideas as shown below. Eventually we landed on a perplexing dark green, spurred on by the consistent element of the ‘energy clouds’.

Short Corporate Identity Development


Rohrs and Associates was a firm in the technology and banking space that required a fresh face. The brief was to indicate intrigue along with expertise. They required a short CI that they could immediately apply internally, as well as to their marketing resources.

The logo we landed on was a minimalist slash design, representing the growth that their consultancy would offer. I made particular use of the familiar but beautiful Century Gothic typeface, which stays consistent throughout the body and headers. The case and weighting are critical in defining sections of information.