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A Thing of Beauty

Hello gorgeous. Thank you for your eyes and thank you for your opinions. It’s finally time for Chalk to step into the critical beams of public opinion and demonstrate what we do and how we think.

This serves as the very first post in our new blog segment. If you’re finding us on social media please feel free to follow us to see all the upcoming artistic, creative and ridiculous content that comes from being a part of the dog-eat-dog world of digital media. To see it all, follow the link to our blog page.

Who we are

Chalk Creation is the constantly developing, constantly changing, venturing business of creative expedition.

Spearheaded by myself and my digital advertising powerhouse of a partner, Chalk is a full spectrum marketing agency that we’ve created to work the way we think an agency should. Both of us have had more experience than we deserve in the agency system (more on that later) and our growing Chalk spawn is geared to fly in the face of what an agency has to be. Our team offers strategic, poignant marketing in a world where everyone at a keyboard has a microphone.

I’ll leave it at that for now. I won’t spend all my writing time punting the agency because, as always, there is a lot to say. To find out more about exactly what we do, please check out the rest of our website.

The blog

As young (we do like to think so), passionate advertisers, it is, of course, our natural obligation to write down the things we’ve done and what we think in a blog format. This idea is nothing new, but it will provide us with a savvy little mechanism to speak directly to you.

This blog is not just meant to push our own agenda. We hope that our content (creative, opinion-based or even aggravating) will serve to motivate and inspire. This page is for creatives, entrepreneurs and free thinkers. Anyone who can engage with our concepts, learn from our mistakes, relate to our anecdotes or bring a piece of our industry into their own is welcome here.

We are incredibly excited about showcasing who we are. Follow us right here for so much more to come.

Unwavering love and awkward affection,


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